Please complete the form each day before coming to the yard. It must be submitted within 1 hour before the start of the workday.

If you answer NO to the 4 bullets in the poster below, you are ‘Fit to Work’.

If you answer YES to even one of the symptoms or bullets, please do not come to work. Call in immediately (604-788-5178 or 604-341-6652). Then, complete your self-assessment by clicking on this link: BC Covid-19 Self Assessment Tool.

Follow the directions outlined at the end of the tool.

1. I have read the 4 bullet points on the WorkSafeBC Covid-19 poster today, and my answer to each bullet (including all symptoms) is:

2. I understand that if I have answered YES to one or more symptoms or bullet points, I will not come to work. I will call the office immediately (604-788-5178 or 604-341-6652). I will complete the BC Covid-19 Self Assessment Tool: and follow the directions outlined at the end of the tool.