Moving Checklist Details

At TNT Dynomite Moving, we know that moving can be a stressful process. Being well organized is key to reducing the stress of moving. With this moving checklist, you can make the moving process smoother. 

This comprehensive moving checklist will help you keep tasks top of mind and manageable. Download the checklist version at the bottom of this page. 

From Start to finish, this moving checklist will help to keep you organized through the entire moving process. 

Ideally 1-2 Months before Moving 

  • Create a moving folder to keep important documents and notes all in one place
  • Prepare an essential box to hold the moving folder and future essential items like medication, toiletries, and change of clothes
  • Pick A Moving Date
  • Book A Reputable Moving Company or Moving Truck
  • Start decluttering and decide what needs to be donated, sold, or thrown away
  • Notify Your Landlord / Real estate agent and confirm your move out date and moving out process
  • Confirm Move in Dates with New Property
  • Gather School records for the Kids and transfer them to the new school district
  • Gather medical records for all family members including pets and transfer them to a new doctor
  • Gather dentist records and transfer them to a new dentist
  • Notify Utility companies – (gas, water, internet, electricity, landline) about your move and schedule disconnection dates
  • Notify the post office of your new address to forward the mail
  • Start eating perishable in the pantry and frozen food in the freezer to reduce items
  • Arrange for childcare and pet care on a moving day
  • Gather moving boxes
  • Gather tape for boxes and a pen to label boxes
  • Start packing 1 box a day to start getting organized

3-4 weeks before moving 

  • Start packing non-essential items and label boxes by room location
  • Update your new address with credit card companies, banks, and important institutions
  • Review new neighbourhood for a grocery store, drug store, restaurants, and gas station
  • Contact insurance company for house insurance updates

2 Weeks Before Moving 

  • Confirm moving arrangements with the moving company
  • Notify family and friends of the new address
  • Dissemble large furniture for a quick and easier move
  • Return borrowed items like library books
  • Collect loaned-out items

1 Week Before Moving 

  • Finish packing and make sure all boxes are labeled clearly for room allocation
  • Confirm the address, directions, and moving process with the movers
  • Defrost and clean out the refrigerator and freezer
  • Drain gas and oil from lawnmower and other outdoor equipment
  • Determine how to move the plant

Moving Day

  • Review the house with a final walkthrough to leave nothing behind and note down the lack of damage to walls, plugs, etc
  • Keep the important and essential moving box with you, not the moving truck
  • Lock up the house and arrange keys for the new owner
  • Supervise the loading process with movers to make sure your items are handled carefully
  • Stay hydrated and eat food to keep up your energy

After moving 

  • Clean the new house before unpacking
  • Paint the interior before unpacking
  • Unpack essential rooms first, one box a day after that
  • Update driver’s license and vehicle insurance registration with the new address
  • Get to know your new neighbours

This helpful moving checklist should keep you organized, help reduce the stress of moving and increase the chances of a smooth moving day for you. This moving checklist is a guideline to help you remember all the tasks. Add to it or delete tasks that are relevant to your specific moving needs. Download the moving checklist now to print it off Happy Moving!