7:00 Tom, Jesse, Dave

7:00 Tom, Jesse, Dave

Sechelt (Sunshine Coast); Ferry Res # B210592908; going into Advanced Storage in Richmond; Locker Number B2302; Code to unlock gate at Advanced Storage 2804088

Bring picture boxes/paper and some 4 cubes (for some larger pieces including a model sailboat); 24 paintings

Will need a box for lamp and printer; Will have blankets to cover both if they don’t fit in a box

The street parking for the truck will be marked off.   As we are on the west side of the street the parking faces south so it would be a good idea to pass by the building and turn around.  The Watermark Condos are at 5665 Teredo Street (on the main highway to Pender Harbour)
Text when close – customer will come out to meet in front of the building.
Mobile number is 604 351 1258.  Apartment phone is 604 741 9413.




The event is finished.


May 26 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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