8:00 – Seth, Jesse, Eiden

8:00 – Seth, Jesse, Eiden

Moving from Surrey to Tsawwassen (Deerfield Ct); there is one pick up (at Emily’s parents) in between at Monterra complex in Tsawwassen: 332 – 6505 3rd Avenue – bedroom set (bed, wardrobe, and dresser); this is the parents; Customer is Sean & Emily Buckley (604-644-3950)

Parents: John and Carol Harrison         604-948-2610 (home number)                604-644-8549 (John)                                604-528-0350 (Carol)

Townhouse in Surrey – middle row/road of complex – access from the street into garage/basement/interior stairs, also up the exterior front stairs to main level, the backyard is up a hill on the side of the house.  Ikea shelving won’t be taken apart. I believe it will be easiest to transport it whole. – Ikea items: 2 desks, 1 wardrobe, 1 bookcase, 2pc 6’x6′ shelves, 1 L couch (pieces) + 1 chair, 2 Ikea chairs, 1 corner bookshelf.

The event is finished.


Feb 27 2021


8:00 am
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